Vision is a powerful clinical telehealth video conference system

Specifically designed for medical professionals, Vision enables you to access your patients anywhere and on any device.

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Clinical video conferencing

The basic requirement for any medical diagnosis is accurate and reliable information. The Vision platform from Visionflex has been designed specifically for telehealth consultations. The software has been optimised to deliver the highest quality video and audio along with high-speed data transmissions to assist health professionals in making an accurate and informed diagnosis from the most remote locations. The technology behind the Vision platform tightly manages the available bandwidth to achieve the best possible connection at all times. Security is also a priority for our Vision users and this has been achieved by implementing high-level encryption of all data along with password-protected calls and admission control for guests.


Together with the ProEX Telehealth Hub, the Vision platform has been developed to help remote patients anywhere. Equal access to healthcare, no matter where the patient is located…


Typical scenarios

For people living in rural, remote, or regional locations, a trip to the doctor for a check up or life-saving treatment could mean a journey of hundreds or even thousands of kilometres, costing time and money. Thanks to Vision, healthcare is now more accessible to more people.
All prisons have basic medical clinics, however for specialist services, the patient must be transported to a hospital with secure facilities. Prisoner transportation is expensive, and can be detrimental to the patient’s health. Vision brings the doctor into the prison which can negate the need for travel and improve health outcomes.
Telehealth has been a game changer for healthcare in high-risk industries like oil, gas, and mining. A work injury places the employee at risk and can lead to unscheduled emergency flights to a hospital increasing both cost and risk. Vision can connect staff in these locations to health services for a full clinical examination.
Residents in aged care facilities often experience mobility difficulties meaning travelling to appointments can cause unnecessary stress, discomfort and health risks. Vision consultations connect aged care residents with specialist medical services from the comfort of their residence, supported by a familiar staff member.
Operational environments such as war, natural disasters and humanitarian missions challenge every aspect of healthcare delivery. In these situations, the stakes couldn’t be higher, and every service member is needed. Vision can facilitate the telehealth connection to respond, record, consult, and act.


  • Securely connect with your patients on any device
  • No patient logins and no need to download software
  • Collaborative treatment planning with our SnapShot feature
  • Collaborate with colleagues using our two-way TeleStrations feature
  • MultiVu allows video feeds from multiple cameras
  • TrueSteth digital stethoscope with approved filters
  • ProEX integration for clinical examinations
  • Integration with your practice management calendar
  • Waiting-room functionality
RoomVu - Control remote ceiling cameras with ease
SnapShot - Capture images from any participant
MultiVu - Bring multiple cameras into one video call
TeleStrations - Two-way annotations for collaboration
ExamVu - Integration of clinical examinations
TrueSteth - Digital stethoscope with filters

Our clients

Our customers are as diverse as their geographies: From government to private practice; from the Australian Outback to Antarctica - we deliver healthcare everywhere.